30 Day Blog Transformation Challenge- The Blog Transformation Challenge is a 30-day preparing program which will tell you the best way to change your blog into a very much tuned promoting powerhouse. 

This isn't a "how to profit with your blog" preparing program. This IS, be that as it may, a program to enable you To change your blog by culminating your composition, enhancing your structure, and figuring out how to upgrade the promoting channel from your blog. 

The course is spread out in every day chomp measured exercises, averaging only a couple of minutes each. Every video will cover another part of your blog and tell you the best way to enhance it for most extreme adequacy. You can do the seminar once a day, or you can speed through it. It is totally up to you.
What you'll learn

  1. How to organize your blogging ideas so you don’t get overwhelmed, or worse – forget them.
  2. What Oprah can teach you about how to run your blog.
  3. How to craft headlines which bring in your reader’s attention like a vacuum cleaner.
  4. 5 Solid rules of good blog writing (which might piss off your English teacher)
  5. How to discover your “unique selling proposition”, to stand out in the crowd.
  6. How the colors you use in your blog’s design can affect its effectiveness
  7. A simple strategy for gaining traffic using your existing blog post
  8. How the letter “F” has everything to do with how you design your blog.

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