How to Start a Wordpress Blog With Bluehost | Complete Setup Guide

The first thing you need to do if you want to know  How to Start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost that's live for the public is to purchase hosting. Hosting is the back end of your Blog where your actual files are saved. Wordpress is the framework that allows you to edit your web site but it's not where your files are hosted. There are many different hosting services out there. I've used Bluehost for a number of years for all of my web sites and I can recommend it. There are other ones out there that other people recommend Like Hostgator, InmotionHosting, Ipage, Godaddy but I'm going to show you how to install WordPress with Bluehost because that's what I would do if I were you. Now for other people, if you're using another post I'll try to include resources for how to install WordPress on those hosts as well.
How to Start a Wordpress Blog With Bluehost | Complete Setup Guide
How to Start a Wordpress Blog With Bluehost | Complete Setup Guide
Before, we get started with Bluehost. Firstly we will discuss why I use Bluehost and also recommended you to use it every time when you start a Blog or Website.

Why I recommend Bluehost Hosting to Start a Wordpress Blog?

According to Google Trends Bluehost is the Most searchable and Popular Web hosting Provider Company. When I make a comparison between Bluehost, Ipage, Godaddy Hosting, and InmotionHosting I got these results which are shown in the capture which I captured from google trends.
blueHost Hosting search results
Also, check out Bluehost popularity chart which is given below.
Bluehost Popularity Chart

Main Advantages of Bluehost WordPress Hosting

  • Bluehost is recommended by WordPress
  • 20,00,000+ Website Owners and Bloggers Already using Bluehost
  • You also Get A Free Domain Name But Only for 12 months
  • Also, Get a Free SSL Certificate
  • They will provide their customers 24*7 Customer Support
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Get world's Best Budget Hosting at reasonable Prize (36 months – $2.65/month)

How to Start a Wordpress Blog With Bluehost - Complete Setup Guide

So to get started I'm going to actually walk through the entire process. But Before we started to buy hosting from Bluehost you have Firstly chosen your niche in which you want to create a Blog and the second thing you need is a Blog domain name. 

How I choose My niche?

So firstly you have to Choose a Niche. When I come in this Blogging field I have worked on so many niches but in the end, I choose my Passion and interest base niche and write about it. If you are so confused to choose a niche then I suggest you choose your niche in which you have Passion, Interest or Knowledge. Some Helpful steps to choose a niche before to start a blog-

  • Pick a Niche in which you enjoy writing about.
  • Do some basic market research about your niche.
  • Pick a niche with Low Competition Keywords.
  • Please Make sure that choose a profitable niche in which brands or businesses are advertising for your keywords.
  • Check advertisers bidding keywords and write 1000+ articles on those niche related keywords. You can use Google Keyword Planner which is Totally free and Very Profitable.

Now some good niche Ideas which are Evergreen and very Profitable-

  • Write about How to make money online
  • Write about Bollywood Movies
  • Write about Celebrities 
  • Write about Health and Fitness
  • Write about Latest Government Jobs 
  • Write about Latest Softwares, Tools and Extensions
Hopefully, this will help you out.

How to choose a Perfect domain name for your Niche?

When you choose your niche now the next step is to choose a perfect blog name. These steps will help you to buy the perfect domain name.

  • Always go with the .com Extension by chance .com extension is not available then my next choice is .org domain extension.
  • Choose short name if possible
  • Choose a name which indicates about your niche
  • Do not use hyphens in your domain name
  • Also, avoid numbers in your domain name if possible
  • Easy to remember
  • Please do not ever use any well-established brand name in your domain name such as-,,
  • Please do not use a Penalized expired domain name to check expired domain names you can use or any other expired domain checker tool.
  • Choose a name which is unique and its username also available for social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. To check Usernames I personally use

I hope this will help you find your perfect Business name for Your Blog.

Now Get Wordpress Hosting From BlueHost

If you go to Bluehost what you're going to want to do is click on get started. 
Getting Started with Bluehost
Now you can select your different plans these different plans have different options so if you go with the basic plans you only get one Web site. You have a limited amount of space for that Web site even though 50 gigabytes seems like a lot. It potentially could get filled up if you end up having a huge web site with lots of files photos those kinds of things that you upload to it. You can only have up to five domains 25 subdomains. These are things that as you grow you might want to consider upgrading and that's another thing you can upgrade to any of these accounts later on. These other ones include different types of things like unmetered bandwidth and space and Web sites. But for this post, I'm just going to go with the basic one just to get started.
Blushost Wordpress hosting plans
If you already have a domain name you can submit it here on the right and you're going to have to transfer it say you purchased a domain name from GoDaddy or Namecheap or another domain registrar. You're going to have to transfer it to Bluehost if I want a new one. Then I click over here and I can choose a new one for this Blog. 
Get a free domain name Bluehost

I'm going to create a Web site based off on very simple Coupon Website or Blog. So I'm going to call it is the best one. But if I want something cheaper just to play around with I can use .info or some of these other different domain extensions. So I just click next to make sure that this domain name is available. It looks like what is available. So the next thing you would do is fill out your name and all of your information and then under your package information, you can choose which package you want. So for example on Bluehost, there are different packages. And the deal gets better the more month that you pay for up front. So choose the price that fits your plan.
Now fill your account information.
Now enter your account information
Now you have selected your hosting Period.
Select Bluehost Hosting Period
 Now there are different options that you might want to consider. One is domain privacy protection. This is really important and if you click any of these more information buttons it will give you more information about it. If you don't have domain privacy protection then your address and your e-mail address are actually out in the public. Once you register for your domain name I would consider that one. The other one site backup pro search engine jumpstart site locks security all of these things were going to be learning how to install plugins that do just the same thing but for free and some other options so I wouldn't recommend not using any of these over here. Lastly, you put your payment information and then click submit. 
Bluehost Payment Information
Please Do not forget to Enter your Billing information Carefully to it secure and safe.

Now You have to Create Your Login Credentials

When you register successfully you can view this kind of successful registration message.
Successful registration message
Now check your inbox and click on Bluehost account confirmation link and reset your password. and click on next.
Create new login details bluehost

Now you have successfully created your new Bluehost login password. Now you have to move on the next step.
Bluehost password successfully changed
Once you have signed up for Bluehost log into your account and under hosting.
Now, Click on hosting and under hosting click on Cpanel then click install WordPress. 
install wordpress under bluehost
It'll take you to this new page and say get started. 
You're going to choose the domain name that you just registered for me I have different domain names that I've purchased. I'm actually using my main account for Bluehost now because I can purchase multiple domain names under the same host. So now I can click which is the new Web site that I want to build for this Post.
Choose Domain Name Bluehost
 Select that domain and leave the directory empty. Unless you want it to point to a separate web site so if you typed on home for example then when you go to it would take you to so leave it blank so people can get straight to that domain. Click next and then it will show you your admin user name email address and password. 
Bluehost admin username and password
Check these two boxes saying that you understand that the install will take place on this domain and that you've read the terms things click install once you get this installation complete banner up here you're ready to rock and roll. 
Complete install
You'll also receive an email with the web address and your information for logging in. So go ahead and go to the Web site address which will be your domain name .com or whatever your extension is. /wp-admin/. For example-
This is how you log on to your WordPress site now input the user name or email address and password that you were given in the last step of installing WordPress. 
Login in to wordpress
Great. Now you have WordPress installed for your brand new website now to log on and to edit your Website. 
Wordpress Install Successfully
Always remember that you're going to go to your website and then put your username and password the Bluehost account or your hosting account is separate and you might have to log into that to adjust things to register new domains or things like that. But for the rest of this post, we won't be dealing with hosting as much as just with your web site itself. So whether you're using the free option of server press or a hosting option like Bluehost we now have WordPress installed and are ready to start building our own Web site.

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